body workout concept

body workout concept


SYSTEM FLOW is a body workout concept created to regain the myofascial balance. Our lifestyle, sitting position, daily stress, activate many tensions which interfere with the proper functioning of muscles, fascia and joints. Longer lasting dysfunction eventually causes the restriction of movement and pain.

The combination of these three elements, SYSTEM FLOW mobilizes the whole body and restores its balance. Tissues become more flexible, muscle strength and the stability of joints increase, which ultimately improves the quality of motion. Our wellbeing improves as well, we are more balanced and full of energy.
Simply Flow!

SYSTEM FLOW consists of three main elements:

BODY TENSION analysis resulting in creating a custom training plan
SYSTEM FLOW devices, which are especially developed to engage long myofascial trains and activate the whole body. The devices are designed to help stretch shortened muscle structures, at the same time engaging muscle structures, which are overly stretched (weakened). Additionally, the complex design of the devices supports exercising in the correct planes as well as allows grading of exercise difficulty levels.
ACTIVE WORKOUT - the conscious effort of the trainee, who is focused on the proper performance of each exercise, according to the therapist instructions.